Through our affiliation with Commonwealth Financial Network®, we provide comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services to clients who are approaching retirement or retired. We work with individuals and families to design and implement a customized financial plan that is specifically tailored to help meet their unique needs. We become each client's personal chief financial officer.

It all starts with a customized financial plan.

The planning process begins once we have a clear and complete understanding of our client's concerns and objectives. Our observations and recommendations are presented in a detailed financial plan. The plan will include analysis of investments, benefits, and taxes with suggestions to improve his or her ability to accumulate assets. Though straightforward in application, our comprehensive financial planning process is based on rigorous analysis and proprietary tools. This detailed analysis allows us to formulate various recommendations to help our clients pursue their financial goals. These recommendations are detailed in a custom-designed financial plan that we present to the client.

Our implementation and ongoing services

After the financial plan is developed and presented to the client, our clients ask us to assist them with the implementation and ongoing monitoring of their financial plan. We believe that the value of our advice is our ability to implement it. We work closely with our clients and their advisors to implement the agreed upon recommendations in the financial plan.

We believe in being an integral part of our client's financial lives, providing ongoing investment management services, as well as guidance on pre- and post-retirement planning, protection planning, minimizing income taxes, and estate planning.